From the Pastor


It’s Neal Diamond and me again for another year, though the nights are not very hot this year, which is good.  School is coming soon (by the end of the month we will be already in session) and the rhythms of fall will begin to fall into place.  I was hoping for a quiet summer and that is still on my wish list.  But I like fall.  I like the steadiness of the “church year” and the march toward Christmas (and no, I’m not listening to Christmas music, though someone shared with Bonnie an all-year Christmas song station on the radio!).


With COVID still a concern and many in our congregation getting it, with the war in Ukraine, with gas and food prices still high, with housing shortages and homelessness, it is easy to feel a sense of despair.  Sometimes it is easier to turn off the news and isolate ourselves from the world.  And at times that’s not a bad thing.  Jesus once said to His disciples, “Come, let us rest for a while”.  Yet as followers of Christ we know that this world is our mission field.


I have hymn #581 on the “hymn board” in my church office.  The first stanza sings as such,


“When the church of Jesus,

Shuts its outer door,

Lest the roar of traffic,

Drown the voice of prayer:

May our prayers, Lord, make us

Ten times more aware

That the world we banish

IS our Christian care.”


When we worship, prayer, sing praises, we are invited to use these gifts to open our hearts to the world.  And as we near the second coming of Jesus, we are encouraged to use these tools to mold our characters into the likeness of God.


I recently traded my motorcycle for a scooter.  A big scooter, but a scooter none the less.  It came with a after market windshield that is very tall.  And I can’t see over it.  But it cuts the wind and at times I find myself going much faster that it feels (some say it can get up to 95 mph).  I took the windshield off and now I can feel the wind at speed and I can better judge the speed I’m going.  It made me think of the need we have to “feel” the presence of the Holy Spirit, to be aware of the world around us.  To slow down from the fast pace of life and let God into our lives.


As we enter the fall season, as school starts and life settles in, keep your eyes open to what God is doing in the world today.  Let the wind of His Spirit flow through you.  And see what wonderous things He has planned for us.

In His Matchless Love,

Tim Mayne


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